Quick Thoughts on the New Doctor

I've watched the first episode Doctor Who featuring Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor. Twice, actually.

And I'm excited for what the new season is bringing to the table. The writing feels very solid, and lives up to one of the great promises of that show.

The things that the 13th Doctor says, the things she does, they wouldn't be out of place if done or said by the other Doctors. The words are the same, but the person saying them has changed. The 13th Doctor isn't divorced from her past, but neither is she bound by it. And Ms. Whittaker is clearly more than up to the task of making the role her own. Her portrayal clearly has the core of the Doctor; that central personality made up of optimism, compassion, and rock solid wisdom largely hidden by a whimsical face. But she's also clearly added her own new touches, just as every other Doctor has done.